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REDCHURCH is an electric heating panel designed for localized heating of the benches of churches and other places of worship.


REDCHURCH has been designed for the localized heating of benches in churches and places of worship. It consists of an electric radiating panel inserted inside the back of the benches, both existing and still to be built. Thanks to the principle of low power and short distance, it allows optimal thermal comfort with minimum consumption. The infrared radiation heats only the bodies irradiated by the module without dispersion of heat in the air, therefore, not triggering convection.
Unlike gas and electric stoves which, instead, are a source of convective motions. Particularly damaging for the historical Churches whose characteristic features are wooden roofs and delicate plasters. These sources of high power heating in fact are the reason of the quick thermal dilatations that are damaging to the valuable art that should be protected.
REDCHURCH technology distinguishes itself by the way its modules are designed. In fact, they are designed to produce their bidirectional radiation asymmetrically.

Raggio Operativo REDCHURCH

Each module heats effectively both legs and feet of the user without overheating the back of the occupants in the front benches.
The appearance and colour of the woods are completely customizable for the minimal aesthetic impact and integration with the existing benches.

Voltage 24 Volt
Power Consumption 120-200 Watt/mt
Surface Temperature (at 15°C) 32° – 52° C
Frame Materials Solid Wood
Panel Materials Melamine Sheets
Heating Element Materials PET, carbon, argentite, copper
Panel Total Thickness 2,5 mm
Frame Thickness 3,5 cm
Power Cable Lenght 2 mt
Width 55 cm
Lenght Da 245 cm (panche standard 2,5 mt) fino a 450 cm
  • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/ CE Compliant
  • Electromagnetic Directive 2004/108/CE Compliant
  • Electromagnetic Directive CEI EN 50366:2004 Compliant
  • Temperature Resistance -30°C +70°C
  • Ice, snow, and water resistant down to 30°C