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REDFLAT is an electric heating panel, light and moderately flexible.

REDFLAT is a radiating panel composed by a sandwich of various layers: a sheet of melamine and an insulating layer which ensures the monodirectionality of the thermal effectiveness. It can be applied to the support surface with simple Velcro. With its low weight (less than 2 kg per panel) and moderate flexibility, its ideal function is to heat the cabins of boats, campers, caravans and motorhomes. The connection to the on board system occurs directly, without the use of adapters. However you have to choose the version of REDFLAT compatible with your system (12 or 24 volts).
Traditional incandescence stoves are very dangerous and too energy consuming for the on board batteries. They also produce a lot of steam, which, added to that produced by the human body,  creates a lot of humidity and little comfort. Discomfort  that grows even greater where space is smaller and air is limited.
REDFLAT, thanks to its reduced power consumption and moderate temperatures is not only advantageous during use of the vehicle, but also for heating and maintaining a constant temperature during winter storage, when the cold and high humidity contributes to the deterioration of the materials and the formation of molds.
The incandescence heaters, used for these purposes, have high fuel consumption, even 10 times higher than the panels REDFLAT, also their high temperatures inevitably damage the materials and objects placed a short distance from them.
The radiating panel REDFLAT can also be used as a source of portable additional heating by placing it vertically. Alternatively, placed horizontally in combination with the 24 Volt adapter it can be used to heat desks, worktables, restoration tables, etc.

Voltage 12/24 Volt
Power Consumption 120-200 Watt
Surface Temperature (at 15°C) 35° – 55° C
Panel Materials Melamine Sheets
Heating Element Materials PET, carbon, argentite, copper
Insulating Layer Materials Cork
Thickness 12 mm
Power cable Lenght 2 mt
  • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/ CE Compliant
  • Electromagnetic Directive 2004/108/CE Compliant
  • Electromagnetic Directive CEI EN 50366:2004 Compliant
  • Temperature Resistance -30°C +70°C
  • Ice, snow, and water resistant down to 30°C
Dimensions Power Consumption(in Watt) Voltage
55 X 105 max 100 24 – 30 volt