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REDCOVER este o prelată de încălzire electrică din PVC termosudabil.


REDCOVER is a thermo-protective sheet made with high strength PVC that allows to defrost and prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on roofs, machinery, plants and other objects exposed to the elements. Thanks to its lightness and ease of movement, REDCOVER can be stored and moved according to every need. The heat-sealed edges with strong eyelets allow to secure it firmly to the objects that must be protected from ice.

In addition to preventing freeze of tanks and liquid outside, REDCOVER is also usable to maintain a constant temperature of the barrels of the resin during processing or to assist in catalysis when the work is finished. This system is also effective for the protection of plants and animals and to maintain a constant temperature of the soil in nurseries and crop germination.

Alimentarea 24 Volt
Tensiune 240-400 Watt/mq
Temperatura suprafeţei (la 15° C) 29° – 50° C
Compoziţia foaie PVC căldură – sigilat
Compoziţia elementului electric PET, carbon, argentit, cupru/td>
Grosime 3 mm
Lungimea cablului de alimentare 2 mt
  • Conform măsurilor de securitate electrică prevăzute de Directiva privind tensiunea joasă 2006/95/CE
  • Compatibilitate electromagnetică conform Directivei 2004/108/CE
  • Conform normelor CEI EN 50366:2004 privind emisiile electromagnetice
  • Rezistenţa la temperatură -20°C +70°C
  • Rezistenţa la gheaţă, ninsoare, apă şi frig PÎNĂ LA -30°C
Dimensiuni Putere(in Watt) Alimentare
55 X 55 max 100 24 – 30 volt
55 X 105 max 200 24 – 30 volt
105 X 105 max 400 24 – 30 volt
205 X 105 max 800 24 – 30 volt
205 X 205 max 1600 24 – 30 volt


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