Infrareds are electromagnetic invisible waves that are naturally emitted by the sun and all the hot bodies.

Without their energy produced by the continuous explosions of the sun, there could be no life on earth. In the spectrum of natural light they are at the extreme limit, right on the border with the red, hence their name. Always going towards the outer edges are the longer rays and healthier: the long infrareds.

Light Spectrum

The energy of infrared radiation is a form of energy that contrary to other does NOT use the surrounding air as mean of transmission. The infrareds consequently heats less than 20% of the surrounding air and over 80% of the objects.

In the long infrared spectrum we can find most of the rays that are safe, healthy and vital to our life and physical care. They are responsible for the photosynthesis and without them, there would be no life. In fact, our body emits infrared energy through the skin, as well as it naturally absorbs about 93% of the present infrared waves. This is the reason that led to the use of infrared incubators to keep premature babies alive.